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It Was Her Idea to Kiss Jennifer Lawrence in ‘American Hustle’

She suggested that this happen in the bathroom scene of the movie. It was because this was the craziest thing she could imagine Jennifer Lawrence’s character doing.

Adams Was Pregnant in ‘The Fighter’

You may know her from her role as Charlene in The Fighter. Well, it turns out she was pregnant with her daughter Aviana while filming this famous movie.

She Won a Golden Globe

She earned this prestigious award for her role in American Hustle. Not only this, but she also received five Academy Award nominations for her acting in the same film.

She’s Not Really a Redhead

Although her red hair is now one of the most recognizable features of the star, she is actually a blonde naturally. She went red after moving to Los Angeles and often being chosen for roles portraying her as a “bitchy girl”.

Adams Never Went to College

It seems that attending a university was not necessary for the path of success in this actress’s life. In high school, however, she sang in the school choir at Douglas County High School and enjoyed History the most out of any subject at school.

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She Had Odd Jobs

Before becoming the well-known star we all know her as these days, she worked in retail at the GAP. In addition to this, she worked as a dancer at a variety of theaters and playhouses when she was younger.

Amy Adams is Not Originally American

She was actually born in Italy, on a U.S. military base. She is a middle child, with four brothers and two sisters. The family ended up living in Colorado.