I would date Superman in real life

Amy Adams talk with belfasttelegraph.co.uk reporter about Supermen’s and not only.
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Superman actress Amy Adams believes she is so similar to onscreen character Lois Lane she could imagine dating the comic book hero in real life.

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Amy Adams plays Superman’s girlfriend onscreen and given the choice she would take him over a moody Batman any day.

The 42 -year-old actress, who stars as Lois Lane in the new DC superhero flick Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, revealed she could see herself keeping home with the Man of Steel.

In the new movie Amy’s Lois Lane is seen to bring out the domestic side in the comic book hero, as she and Superman (Henry Cavill) play house, planning what they’ll make for dinner, and even sharing a bath together.

Her familiarity with the role means she has grown to understand her fictional boyfriend down to the smallest details. “He probably drinks red (wine),” she told British newspaper The Metro.

“They probably cuddle on the sofa and watch a movie. Of course he never gets to see the ending because he’s always running off to safe somebody,” she imagines.

If the American Hustle star had the choice she revealed she would definitely choose Superman’s Clark Kent over dating Batman’s alter ego Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) any day.

“I’m more of a Superman kind of lady” the star admitted, “I like Batman’s dark moodiness, but I’m not really tolerant of that in a relationship. I would be like, ‘Oh gosh, can we not talk about your problems?'”

She admits she’d rather date all American hero Superman over the more dark and brooding character of Batman because staying optimistic is something she needs to work on. “I have my dark days but I try to practice a lot of gratitude and pull myself out of it,” the star offered.

Amy married actor Darren Le Gallo, 41, last year (15) and they have a daughter together, Aviana, six.

She is keen to be a “strong role model” for her daughter, and believes she has accomplished that with her turn as the intrepid news reporter Lois Lane.

“(Lois’) “bravery doesn’t come from acting like a man but the strength of her character… her softness and femininity,” said the star.

Similarly describing herself as a mixture of “femininity and purpose” the actress is the perfect foil for the caped superhero.

Henry Cavill thinks I’m pervy

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According to Film-news.co.uk, Amy Adams talk about Henry Cavill

Amy Adams objectified Henry Cavill on the set of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

British star Henry plays hunky Superman in Zack Snyder’s hero franchise, with Amy taking on the role of journalist Lois Lane. They already showed audiences their chemistry in 2013’s Man of Steel, and will be back in the follow up later this year (16).
Despite their closeness as co-stars, 41-year-old Amy isn’t immune from Henry’s handsome looks and buff body.

“In between shots it was like, ‘Put on a robe please, and make everyone feel less bad about themselves’,” she giggled to Britain’s Marie Claire magazine.

“I objectified poor Henry. I had to apologise to him at one point. I’m like, ‘I promise I’m not that pervy’. He’s just so good to look at.”

Amy isn’t the only Adams to think so; her husband Darren Le Gallo, also 41, and five-year-old daughter Aviana are also big fans.

“My husband likes to look at him, our daughter likes to look at him… we’re just a creepy family,” she laughed.

Amy Adams on Gillian Flynn’s ‘Sharp Objects’

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Five-time Oscar nominee Amy Adams may be heading to the small screen. The “Big Eyes” star has signed on to play the lead role in a TV adaptation of Gillian Flynn’s 2006 novel “Sharp Objects.” Flynn is the author and screenwriter behind “Gone Girl.”

“Sharp Objects” centers on Camille Preaker, a young reporter living in Chicago who was recently treated at a psych hospital for self-harm. She reluctantly returns to her tiny hometown, Wind Gap, Missouri, to cover the murder of two pre-teen girls.

Adams would exec produce the potential series, as would Flynn. The latter is also inked in as a writer.

Interesting facts about Amy Adams

Amy Adams dot org, collect some interesting facts about Amy!

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It Was Her Idea to Kiss Jennifer Lawrence in ‘American Hustle’

She suggested that this happen in the bathroom scene of the movie. It was because this was the craziest thing she could imagine Jennifer Lawrence’s character doing.

Adams Was Pregnant in ‘The Fighter’

You may know her from her role as Charlene in The Fighter. Well, it turns out she was pregnant with her daughter Aviana while filming this famous movie.

She Won a Golden Globe

She earned this prestigious award for her role in American Hustle. Not only this, but she also received five Academy Award nominations for her acting in the same film.

She’s Not Really a Redhead

Although her red hair is now one of the most recognizable features of the star, she is actually a blonde naturally. She went red after moving to Los Angeles and often being chosen for roles portraying her as a “bitchy girl”.

Adams Never Went to College

It seems that attending a university was not necessary for the path of success in this actress’s life. In high school, however, she sang in the school choir at Douglas County High School and enjoyed History the most out of any subject at school.

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She Had Odd Jobs

Before becoming the well-known star we all know her as these days, she worked in retail at the GAP. In addition to this, she worked as a dancer at a variety of theaters and playhouses when she was younger.

Amy Adams is Not Originally American

She was actually born in Italy, on a U.S. military base. She is a middle child, with four brothers and two sisters. The family ended up living in Colorado.

Amy Adams shine in all-white outfit

Today, Amy Adams visit NFL Honors awards in San Francisco. She poses for cameras in shine in all-white outfit with other start like January Jones.

Amy donned a white long-sleeved calf-length dress to the fifth annual awards ceremony held at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium.

Amy Adams in white dress